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Hey guys!
I'm Michelle Chilton (My friends call me Mich or Chelle). I'm the leader of the Burners, and a hater of Kane.
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a cute frilly lolita dress please!! :D




"Plus, I think the only ones around here are about the size of my head. So…yeah.”



Duke's cape!


"Well, at least it’s kinda comfy."






"…Now what?"

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Western AU


"There was a rumble in the distance. Huge hoofed beast came thundering down the mountain. I knew they were the biggest horned horses that had ever seen these lands. Upon their backs a pack of Mad Abe’s most brutal murderers. Their screams echoed in our fair town and sent the men into horrible fits of shivering fright. Glass shattered and crashed onto the dust covered street. The fiends carried sticks of fire and death. Large flames rising up above old milk mill showed that there was no w-"

"Milk mill?" There was a snicker from the brown haired girl. "I’m sorry Texas but this is too much."

"Do you want to hear the story or not!" Texas flew up in a half stand above the fire barrel, throwing his hands into the air.

Michelle grinned and raised her hands to calm the other burner. “My mistake. Milk comes from mills. Carry on.”

"AS I WAS SAYING!" Texas said sternly. "The GIGANTIC flames spread above the WHOLE town! Trapping everyone in there with the army of super trained brutal murderers! They all had bone armor made from real bones and in their hands they held sticks made of fire! No wait! I remember! The sticks were super long TNT sticks and there was LIGHTNING shooting out where the fuses were supposed to be! Anyone even looking their way fell down of fright because the horses all had red eyes and the whinny they made could shatter glass!" He cleared his throat and shifted his stance, widening his arms and puffing out his chest.

"Things looked really dark right then! Even if the whole valley was on fire and it should have been light, but it wasn’t because the fire was evil dark fire that made the whole town set ablaze in… DARKNESS!" For the last word Texas hunched over the fire barrel, kicking it just a little so that sparks flew into the air around him. Then he had to take a break and frantically beat at the sparks that flew into his hair. Michelle waited patiently and forced herself not to laugh. 

Texas straightened up again and folded his arms over his chest. “Things looked very grim indeed. And dark. But the fire was closing in and the thousand of blood thirsty vampire murderers upon their werewolf giant demon horses and somebody needed to stand against all this sin. Even if that somebody was just an ordinary cowboy…. Me.” He grinned and jabbed a thumb in his own direction. 

"Of course." Michelle added quickly, but Texas didn’t seem to notice.

"Seemingly an ordinary man, but what they didn’t know was that they were up against EL TEXAS THE MIGHTY! The fastest gun slinging butt kicker in the west! KA-CHAW!" The black dressed young man jumped and made a high kick above the fire before he continued. "I strode into the middle of the road. Where those beast led their path. As they saw me they spurred their horses, prepping to trample me down. But I eyed them good and well. Then I ACTED!" Texas sprung to life again. Jumping back and forth in front of the fire, tossing his arms up and pointing his fingers like guns. "POW! PANG! PEW PEW!" He squinted with one eye as he shot down imaginary targets. "The TNT sticks were crackling, but I shot the fuses right off them! ALL OF THEM! Before they had even gotten a step closer! The lightning fell from their tips! Electrocuting their own horses! And once the horses had fallen the TNT BLEW UP right in the murderers’ faces! KABLAAAM!"

Texas’ shout echoed through the landscape. A few cows stirred in their rest and could be heard mooing in response. Michelle looked around to make sure Texas hadn’t frightened anyone of them, but apparently the cows were just as used to his shouting as she was. “Alright Tex. That’s enough for tonight.”

"But I didn’t get to finish my story." Texas whined.

"Let me guess. The attackers that survived fled back into the mountains and the whole city burned down and was rebuilt again in a day because Texas has supernatural building skills?" Michelle put away the cup she had been cradling in her hands this whole time. She dusted some crumbs off her pants and stretched her back.

"Now that’s where you are wrong. You see the thing about evil dark fire is that it only burns good stuff like food and candy and people if they get too close. So once I used my mighty muscles to carry all the water in the river to put out the flames it turned out that none of the houses had been burnt down yet!" 

"Sounds great." The girl tossed her sleeping bag on the ground and then she followed suit. Michelle wriggled into the warm comfort of her temporary bed and waved at Texas. "You take first guard. Seems like you got enough energy for it."

"Awww… I didn’t even get to the part where Mad Abe showed up and I knocked him over the head with his own peg leg."

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The Internet Slowdown is coming, and it's going to be huge.


Hey there,

Exciting news! The Internet Slowdown net neutrality protest planned for September 10th is really taking off. This morning, a dozen of the world’s largest websites announced that they’re joining in a big way. Sites you know and love like Etsy, Kickstarter,…

Happy Whatever-I-Dunno Day


Fox laughs loudly, but anyone with ears could tell it’s in a mocking way. “Chuck knows I mean it in the nicest way possible. I’m sure she’s worried about it herself, but you know, she loves to eat.” His grin reminds Chuck more of a wolf than a fox. “But I won’t. Wouldn’t want to upset the both of you. I’m glad your wallet’s surviving Michelle, I was just making sure my two favorite girls are taken care of.” 

"And my bad for interrupting, I just saw some familiar faces and thought I’d come say hello." Fox turns towards Chuck now. "Nice to see you again Blondie, don’t be such a stranger. I’m sure you could be paying for your own meals if you’d start working for the gangs again."

Fox gets up then before Chuck can make a reply, not that she was planning too. It’s much easier to just let him think he’s had the last word. No need to start anything. It wasn’t like Michelle always treated, sometimes Chuck would cook dinner for them instead. But she didn’t need to explain that to Fox, it was none of his business. “Well,” Chuck says with a grin turning back towards Michelle, “How about we pretend that never happened and get back to eating?” She says with a grin.

Michelle rolls her eyes when Fox finally leaves the two of them, still keeping her arm around Chuck. Truth be told, she’d always wondered about Chuck’s past before the Burners, but she never pried. But when Fox or anybody ever made comments about it, the brunette couldn’t help but feel a little left out. But that was Chuck’s business. She’d spill what she wanted about her past to Michelle when she was ready.

In the meantime, Michelle presses a kiss to Chuck’s cheek with a smile. “Yeah, good idea. Not gonna let Fox ruin our good time~”

Even as she says that, though, Michelle still feels a little tenseness in her shoulders that she really wishes would just go away. So she busies herself with eating, and making idle chatter with the blonde. It helps, and eventually the two are giggling over whatever stupid topic they can think of. Michelle soon slumps against her girlfriend and wraps her arms around her waist, already pretty full even though she only ate a quarter of what Chuck had.

"Mm. Why’re you so comfy, Chuckles~?" She mumbles, and blows at a bit of the blonde’s wavy hair.

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